Our Proximity digital marketing solution will help you in reaching out to specified markets for promoting to the right profile, with the right message, at the right time and at the right location.

This finely tuned combination which is our Unique Selling Proposition, is helping our clients to increase their reach and promote their messages to a large audience, without any ambiguity, and providing complete transparency to them through post-promotion analysis and measuring impact of promotion through various metrics.

Solution offering :
  • Location-Based Awareness based on Big Data Analytics (LBA) to be defined as the use of marketing to target smartphone users within a certain geographic area to increase effectiveness.

  • Mid-Range Geo-fencing (ex. City Blocks or Stadium & Surrounding). The location based system to use Planck triangulation so that any mobile device that has been opted-in can receive the Ads. That way it does not matter whether the consumer has a smartphone or an App downloaded.

  • Real Time: Having the ability to engage target audience based on their real time location change awareness.

  • Location based Geo-fencing (LBG) should allow you to collect special demographic information on your opt-in forms and add them as filters. So now you can send an informative Ad to someone based on their location and if they are Male or Female between a certain age range giving your message even more relevance and adding to its effectiveness.

  • Targeted Smartphone Awareness | Demographic Targeting and tracking metrics

  • Putting Position Correctness to Work

  • Location-Based Targeting: On Premise, Proximity, Audience, Retargeting

  • Location based Search Results: Keywords, Key locations within the fenced areas

  • Target the right people in real-time with precision, transparency and control

  • Find Your Audience & Boost program awareness

  • Track and monitor where your target prospect visits

  • Influence where they should go next

  • Traffic based Intelligent discovery platform

  • Visual Insights and Analytics of Foot Traffic within the Geo-fenced parameters

  • Metrics defining where your customers are coming from

  • Smarter, Faster and Better Analytic

  • Monitoring trending activities and the predictive analysis behaviour

  • Location Intelligence monitoring for campaign execution

  • Defining the selected audience through Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Analytics

  • Filtration and Segregation of Target Audience with respect to the parameters defined

  • Integration of Social Media channels with the Geo-Fenced Technology of related stakeholder as it will increase content reach with social actions.

Digital Proximity Marketing (Price Table + GST @ 18 % Extra)

Quantity Rate Validity
1 Lac Impressions 1,50,000 INR -
Our Motto is to provide exceptional after sales service to our customers and for the same, We provide the best solution as per client's perfect need and requirement of Digital Marketing Services.