Own Number Unlimited Verified WhatsApp

(Activation within 2-3 days with registered mobile number)

  • You can send unlimited WhatsApp messages with your own number.

  • (No two way communication, Reply message is possible if needed to view in your application only).

  • First you have to approve templates. You will get approval within 2 to 12 hours.

  • You can send any transactional or promotional message.

  • You can send one media message (Image or PDF or MP4 video) and one Text message Caption upto approximate 1500 characters.

  • API Integration is also available for your own number.

  • You have to send min of 100 numbers campaign compulsory and also above 1000 numbers to get reports updated.

    Best Features
  • Own number sending.

  • Permanent profile picture.

  • Instant delivery within 30 minutes - 1 hour.

  • 24 Hour upload option.

  • Faster than usual services.

  • Proof of delivery and reports viewing.

  • Activation time 48 hours minimum.

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Own Number Unlimited Verified WhatsApp
(Price Table + GST @ 18 % Extra)

Quantity Rate Validity
5 Lac 56 Paisa 12 Months
2.5 Lac 58 Paisa 12 Months
1.5 Lac 60 Paisa 12 Months

Prime verified green bedge transactional WhatsApp

    Below are the required documents and resources to get verified green bedge.
  • Facebook Business ID or facebook page a/c login id and password. or FB HOME PAGE LINK of your company.

  • Incorporation certificate of  the company and PAN card copy.

  • A Fresh Mobile Number
    (which is never used in WhatsApp before or uninstall it and will never be used till green badge exist in usage and number should not be blocked before by whatsapp, and 2 extra mobile numbers for backup if possible as in case one number rejected, immediately  we can start same process without interruption with another number)

  • Billing details including GST Number with original full certificate in PDF format.

  • 25,000/- processing fees + 18% GST = Rs.29500/-  one time activation charges including one year support and green badge application fees.

  • Billing details including GST Number original full certificate PDF

  • About company (A short  description 600 character  )   and  Company Business display name (Brand name on display)

  • Logo (640*640) pixels jpeg.

  • Address Proof : LIGHT BILL or PHONE BILL PDF.

  • Business category - B2B OR B2C likewise.

  • Company website must be secured with SSL Cirtificate.

  • Business category - B2B OR B2C likewise.

  • Your Website details with SSL certificate. - like-

  • Email ID official linked to your own website - like

  • Any article published in newspaper or youtube etc. DIGITAL GLOBAL platforms for BRANDING APPROVAL. - Provide digital links of it.

  • We will first generate your facebook business id and we will ask for API parameters.

  • As we receive API for transaction verified templates based what's app , we will give you login details of your INTERFACE where you can check your balance / reports and templates upload approvals etc.

  • You need to upload your CRM based templates transaction and information type into interface and get them approved in 24 hours. You can integrate them in your CRM and test with 100 API test counts given to you.

  • After testing of templates is cleared , we will have to add
    1 lac balance what's app in your account @ 72 Paisa+ GST 18% with payment against invoice by NEFT.
    Or 3 Lac qty @ 68 paisa + GST 18%. with payment against invoice.
    Or 10 Lac qty @ 65 paisa + GST 18%. with payment against invoice.

  • Reply messages if you want min 25000 @ 45 paisa + GST 18%.


  • After the flow of templates above 1500 - 10000 messages , we will see and support team will apply for green badge with getting 2-3 documents of digital articles in newspaper or YOUTUBE or FB etc. well known platforms from your company.

  • After you receive green badge in 5 - 15 working days, you can upload promotional templates also with 1024 char text message and one media file. and start promotional activity also With BUTTONS ALLOWED , bottom text of your company , MEDIA max size 5 MB and also schedule messages and upload customize messages also.

  • You can send any type of problems sharing in a group created especially for you to resolve any issues.

  • If you want to execute AUTO CHATBOT Features , also can be available via WEBHOOK APIs for each call of functions you want to use.

    Template Variable Rules
  • 60 character are only allowed.

  • Maximum 12 variables.

  • Do not add variable at stating and end of any message sample {{1}} with max 60 char. same another variable {{2}} likewise.

  • Media size must not exceed 5 MB and image 1 MB and file name like sample- zenent1. Char limit 1024 chars max. In text MSG.

  • Do not use all emojis in text. some you can takes more char length..Links if you use, please see it should not look like spam content that can blacklist ur content.

  • Image name or any media name should be image1 likewise short in 13 char without special characters. Long names are not allowed. Don't use capital letters in templates name, Only small letters with extension_ allowed. sample i.e. abcd_appoint_january

  • Customized message templates are different to approve from normal broadcast and in Excel, first column connect to mobile number and second column automatically connect to Variable 1 and third column to variable 2 likewise.

  • Pass 8 bit jpeg or png images only in API Integration , no other formats allowed to pass.

  • Promotional approved template campaigns delivered 2 times on same number consecutively in a week, may not get delivered 3rd time and error311026 for API or 1026 can be passed error code for nondelivery of whatsapp.

  • whatsapp from META route can not be delivered on blocked nos / if client has not updated latest mpbile software or whatsapp upgrade / or not accepted terms and conditions of META etc many reasons - Receiver is incapable of receiving message error code comes.

Prime verified green bedge transactional WhatsApp
(Price List-1 + GST @ 18 % Extra)

Quantity Rate Validity
One Time Processing Fees 25,000 INR -
1 Lac WhatsApp balance 72 Paisa 180 Days
3 Lac WhatsApp balance 68 Paisa 12 Months
10 Lac WhatsApp balance 65 Paisa 12 Months
25 Lac WhatsApp balance 65 Paisa 12 Months
25,000 (To view reply Messeges only) 40 Paisa 12 Months

(Price List-2 + GST @ 18 % Extra)


Quantity Rate Validity
One time application and activation charges 10,000 INR -
25,000 balance 95 Paisa 3 Months
1 Lac WhatsApp balance 45 Paisa 12 Months
5 Lac WhatsApp balanc 40 Paisa 12 Months
10 Lac WhatsApp balance 37.5 Paisa 12 months

WhatsApp Chat Bot

  • Fixed Sender Number.

  • Add upto 10 keywords.

  • All sub kewords are free.

  • Incoming and Outgoing Message Report.

  • No charge for incoming and outgoing messages.

  • Media option is also available.

  • Live reply with customer from report side.

  • You can add links of chatboat in business WhatsApp sending in clickable format and setup 2 way communication like we do with online sites like Amazon or Zomato.

  • PRICE : Rs. 30000 for 3 months.

Our Motto is to provide exceptional after sales service to our customers and for the same, We provide the best solution as per client's perfect need and requirement of Digital Marketing Services.