Ziper WhatsApp

Introducing Our Elite Product

Use the power of WhatsApp to its fullest! Make WhatsApp Newsletter and automate communication through WhatsApp Chatbot and Autoresponder & Communication API's.

Feature Premium
Yearly Cost Per SIM 12000/-
Whatsapp Accounts instance 1
Message/Month – Validity 12 months. 25000/-
Autoresponder and buttons for autoreply
Bulk messaging sending
Whatsapp API integration
Whatapp API - PDF
Whatapp API - IMAGE
Whatapp API - Audio
Whatapp API - Video
Chatbot - FREE
Autoresponder with media
Bulk messaging with media
Chatbot with media
Team manager - Login id & password URL.
Spintax support
Image Editor support
Cloud import: Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive
File type From Sender Photo, Video
Storage 100 MB
Max. file size 100 MB

Yearly cost Rs. 150000/- for 25 qty what's app accounts, With what's app sending capacity per number per month 25000.

This is non verified API and our main focus is in API usage so there is limitations in add-ons features are given in web portal and as mentioned below:
    With Ziper Package you will get some cool features.
  • If portal processing is slow or scanner not showing or loader taking time that's means there is auto updation come via whatsapp and process running in backend, in such cases need to wait for some time, it will start working automatically.

  • Sometimes auto responder and auto chatbot not sending response on time due to whatsapp auto updates.

  • We recommend send only 500-800 messages per day from one number with the time interval of 10-20 sec in every hitting, if send more than that there is chances for number banned.

  • If you want to use webhook process in API then need to do configuration at your end and all response parameters directly comes from whatsapp, we can't help you in that.

  • In media API, need to pass server downloading url in https format with media file extension like .pdf, .jpg, .docx etc. and caption (media with content) will work for image and video only.

  • Button and template feature work in web portal only (not available in API).

  • Get QR code API will work only with coding part, depends on application.
    Use : This is the QR code image in base64 code : Please find out on google:

  • Through web portal can send only image and video file.

  • Group API's are in under development, once live will inform you.

  • Delivery report option is not available in web portal to check the delivery status of messages.

  • Need to put number with country code like 919144XXXXX, 1315XXXXX etc (don't use prefix + and 0 in numbers)

  • In any case phone disconnected then need to click on relogin option for using same instance id. If you scan your number with new scanner then instance id will change.

  • Team manager option is for refer only with limited feature that you can set.

  • If you purchased plan with multiple numbers scan, in that all numbers need to scan in same account (not getting separate login details for all).

Price - Rs. 12000 Per Instance per SIM with 12 Months Validity.

Clients Login

Software to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages from PC

    Software Features:
  • Send thousands of Messages with only 1 Sender Number.

  • Messages Type : Text and 1 Image,1 Video or 1 PDF attachment.

  • Auto Reply any incoming messages with specific words Option.

  • 24×7 Rapid Fast WhatsApp Filter.

  • Schedule Message possible in software.

  • Inbox Feature : Read Incoming Client's reply to your Advertisement.

  • Auto Filter Whatsapp Numbers while sending. ( If Business WhatApp )

  • Extract All Members of Any WhatsApp groups in your mobile and send them all message with single click.

  • Import any excel or csv or txt file with name in first column and number in second column to send customized messages.

  • All your phone contacts you can send messages instantly.

  • Display your own logo or company DP as DP in your that mobile number always.

    Important Points to Remember
  • Do send 400 - 500 messages in start in 200 numbers slabs and preferably customized sms.

  • Sample - Dear "name" , we will provide you solutions you need. Please call us on 98250 10951 or email
    where "name" is variable so personalized message can be better for delivery.

  • Do not send too much quantity messages in a day instantly, but send partly 200-300, than after 120 minutes partly and than after 2 hours partly like that.

  • If someone reply "not to send messages or any bad words", delete that number from your list forever.

  • Your mobile must be connected to software via whatsApp web to send message and wifi internet compulsory.

  • This software is for personal use, not for large quantity users.

  • You can send customized TEXT messages, Buttons messages and Catalogue messages.

  • Use your Mobile Number which is not much important for you.

  • As WhatsApp Can Block Your Number, If You Send Similar Type Of Message Daily Continuously In Large quantity..

  • There is No Responsibility of Zen Enterprises For Blocking Your Number By WhatsApp Just Because Of Very High Usage Or Due To Any Reason.

  • PRICE : Rs. 5000 for 1 License per year. (Working till your PC is not updated for hardware or format)

Our Motto is to provide exceptional after sales service to our customers and for the same, We provide the best solution as per client's perfect need and requirement of Digital Marketing Services.